Out-of-Stock Replacement Parts

Trying to repair specialized industrial machines and restoring customized vehicles have one main drawback, namely, finding replacement parts. The same is true for some components used in large-scale power generation and transmission. One cannot simply go to a hardware store and purchase a high-voltage, high-amperage transformer. Even simple components such as heavy-duty electrical cables are not easily available from ordinary hardware stores or home depots. These industrial components are not only expensive but oftentimes also need to be purchased in bulk. However, it would be impractical to purchase many replacement parts when only one is needed. One solution to this is to hire a fabricator to reproduce the necessary replacement part.

Almost all simple metal components such as frameworks, stands, shelves, and platforms can be fabricated in a small shop. The more sophisticated machine components, on the other hand, will require specializations. As long as there is a pattern or blueprint to base the design, virtually any replacement part can be fabricated at a lower cost compared to the original. Some replacement parts are relatively easy to fabricate because they can be patterned from existing stocks. Some are more difficult to reproduce because they may require customization. Some are highly specific to a particular machine or structure. Some are obsolete components that are not anymore manufactured.

Many out-of-stock replacement parts can be ordered from the original manufacturers but they are usually very expensive. Not unless there is a patent or you intend to mass-produce for profit, fabricating some replacement parts may not be legally permitted. Nonetheless, if it is simply for the purpose of repair or restoration, it is usually legal to reproduce.

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