Metal Fabrication for Artistic Purposes

In most cases, metal fabrication is intended for industrial and building construction applications. Metal components often need to be customized and constructed from scratch when the alternatives are either too expensive or scarce. Not all replacement parts can readily be purchased from hardware stores or from the original manufacturers. Some projects have specifications that require precision metal works.

From frames to metal body panels, from small precision components to large heavy casings, expert metal fabricators can construct virtually any metal parts from pre-fabricated materials. Tubes, metal sheets, bars and metal blocks are the raw materials that can be shaped, bent, cut welded and assembled into various forms. Aside from mechanical and industrial applications, metal fabrication is also often employed in art works.

It is either artists do the necessary metal fabrications for their sculpted pieces or they may hire professional metal fabricators to construct specific components. These components may later be assembled into statues. The artistic applications of metal fabrications are common in gigantic metal sculptures that have various intricate components. These sculptures are commonly displayed outdoors as landmarks.

Metal fabrication itself is both an art and a science in its own rights. It is an art because it requires some creativity and a significant room for aesthetic adjustments. On the other hand, it is a science because it require technical knowledge about metallurgy, wielding and precision metal cutting.

The artistic application of metal fabrication may also involve building decorations and gate constructions. Some institutional government buildings typically benefit from the decorative applications of metal works. These include precision-cut metals, embossed and relief designs of human figures, symbols and letters. A large but common plate name of an office building is one of the simplest artistic applications of metal fabrication.

The artistic applications of metal fabrications are not limited to static sculptures of monumental sizes. They can also be applied to dynamic sculptures and machineries such as clock towers. They are also applied to engineering and architectural designs such as in the case of bridges.

Modern architectural designs often call for the artistic applications of metal fabrication. This is both for aesthetic and functional purposes. In fact, some modern architectural designs are convergences of sculptures and building structures. Hence, they become functional sculptures.

Artistic metal works also apply on the small-scale such as in creating realistic props. Artistic metal fabrication may include constructing medieval armors and weapons. Although these props are only replicas, they may also be made highly functional. Swords, shields, armor plates, and helmets are among the most popular creations of artistic metal works.

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