Dangers and Safety Precautions When Working with Metals

Working with metals is arguably among the most dangerous type of work. It always requires brute force and heat. Workers are at risk of being seriously injured from tools such as power drills and welding equipment. The heat and noise in a metal fabrication workshop are also oftentimes higher than the tolerable levels. The danger is also exacerbated by the use of toxic chemicals such as acids, alkaline, and paints. Chemical fumes can be corrosive or irritating to the skin and the respiratory system. They can potentially cause poisoning and allergic reactions. There is a wide range of hazards that can cause injuries and health problems to metal workers.

The safety precautions for industrial workers, shop workers and on-site contractors are generally compulsory as specified in labor laws. These include basic safety gear such as goggles, helmets, boots, gloves, and safety masks. Other more dangerous metal-related works such as in the case of casting molten steel will require more sophisticated gear such as breathing apparatus and fireproof suit. When it comes to small-scale metal fabrication, specialized or sophisticate safety gear may not be necessary but there are still some standard safety protocols that need to be followed. Small-scale metal fabrication shops may implement their own specific protocols based on the standard and compulsory safety precautions.

Aside from basic safety gear, work protocols are also crucial in preventing injuries, health problems and possible fatalities at the workplace. For example, prohibiting workers to bring food or beverages in the workshop floor is a standard precaution that will prevent food from being contaminated with particulates and toxic chemicals. Removing other possible distractions such as mobile phones will help in maintaining safety and also improve the efficiency of the workers. If there is less distractions, workers can focus on productivity thereby increasing their efficiency.

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